Welcome to PSYCHIC 4 FREE™ where you can truly get a free psychic reading from one of Chicago’s true Psychic Mediums.  This is a REAL opportunity to receive a free 10-minute reading without obligation after a donation

Gina Lombardo is a psychic medium that was born with this gift.  Having over 25 years of experience, she has worked on numerous cases to help find missing children and has also done radio shows as well as TV shows such as the cable show ”Psychic World.”

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Gina answers questions on all matters that may be of concern to you.  She also offers other metaphysical divinations. Some include Astrological services, which specialize in Fertility Dates™. 

Gina’s philosophy is to aid you, but respect your choices. She’ll only provide you with the information you want to know. 

Gina Lombardo is a psychic and a medium.  She simply needs to know the true first name of the person or yourself to read. Ask her questions and be prepared for amazing answers, insights and advice.

Gina’s psychic knowledge is a gift and she tries to make time for everyone.  Please give a donation or gift based on your ability to Give.  Gina always offers a free 10 minute reading for everyone in order to quickly address your immediate concerns or catch up with previous sessions without obligation after a donation.

As a great pleasure assisting others, Gina’s work is mainly supported by your donations and gifts.  These readings take up a large portion of her day and she relies on the

donations and gift of those she reads to provide for her family.

Don’t worry, she is available and will make time for you.  You may have to be patient because there is a waiting list.   If you would like to preschedule or schedule another session along with information on her full reading services, please go to the donation and gifting page for complete details.

Call Gina Now!  (224) 242-0204

* If your call leads to voice mail leave a first name and telephone number and the best time and day to call you back.